Our purpose is to use Recreation to strengthen the ministries of our church as we seek to share Jesus Christ with others. 

Reaching others for Christ by creating an environment that exists to provide quality sports, and other non-traditional means while emphasizing excellence, and values.

The recreational facilities are open to Roopville Road Baptist Church members, guests, and visitors. Members are encouraged to invite others as their guests to use the facilities. The facility includes a full-size gymnasium, a walking track, and fitness room.

The Roopville Road Basketball Club is a new addition to our recreation ministry.  For many years we enjoyed a strong and fruitful partnership with UPWARD BASKETBALL.  This was a huge ministry of our church and we hope to continue this strong ministry of basketball and the Word through the Roopville Road Basketball Club.  To learn more about this ministry and key dates please visit the new basketball page for more information and registration forms.