Small Groups

in the Word...

Let the message about the Messiah dwell richly among you, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, and singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, with gratitude in your hearts to God.
Colossians 3:16

Adults - (age and interest descriptions)

Senior Adults – Bryan Owensby - A103

We value the years of experience and godly wisdom that each senior in our church offers. Come be a part of this active, fun group still growing strong in our Christian walk! (70s & up)

Friendship II – Tim Jackson - A136

Ministering to those 50-60 or anyone with similar interests, this class offers a great opportunity for you to plug into a group of friendly people and learn applicable Biblical truths for your everyday life. (50s & 60s)

Friendship I – Gary Greene - D203

We focus on studying Scripture directly verse-by-verse in an open discussion approach where the class ministers to each other by sharing what God teaches them from the Scriptures. Our goal is to be fully equipped through Scripture, prayer and fellowship to walk in a manner worthy of our calling. (50s & 60s)

TruthBuilders – Charles Hipps - D112

Couples and singles of various ages studying God’s Word and putting it into action. We minister to each other and those locally and around the world. (40s-60s)

Cornerstone – Doug Raburn - D207

This class is made up of adults from around 50 and up. We love to study the Bible and aim to always be God-centered. We would love to have anyone join us! (50s & 60s)

Faithful Followers – John Cooper - B109

We minister to those in their mid-30s and 40s and love to share life and God’s Word together on a weekly basis.  As all of life seems to be growing up around you, this class will be a great place to grow and experience a loving ministry. (30s & 40s)

HomeBuilders II – Rick Norton - D205

This is a class composed of couples with children of all ages. Each week we do expository Bible study that strengthens our walk with the Lord. (30s & 40s)

Alliance Two2 – Jamie Eason - B105

Come join a vibrant, growing class. (30s &40s)

HomeBuilders I – Steve Gillham - C100

We are a class that teaches God’s Word and makes practical application of Scripture for living in today’s world. (20s - 40s)


Matthew 1820 – Ed Redmond - B100

We are a class of married and single adults mostly in their mid-20s to mid-30s that love to study the Word of God. (20s & 30s)

Women of the Word – Sonya Adams - A134

We are a class of women of all ages from all backgrounds. Our purpose is to learn from Christ as we follow His example of servant-hood to each other and our community.

Men and Ushers - David Rush - A143

Our class is combined with men of all ages and is doing an enthusiastic and casual study through the books of the Bible.

College/Career – Jacob Stewart - D204

Elevate ministers to college students and folks in their 20s-30s on Sunday mornings during the Sunday School hour by walking through the truths of Scripture and seeing the ways God would intend us to apply these truths to our lives. (college - 30s)

Student Ministry (6th-12th Grade) 

High School Guys – Andrew Toney - B100

We are building the basics for a strong foundation in our relationship with Jesus holding true to the Word while providing applications that reflect and guide our students in their current walk with Christ.

High School Girls – Laykin Toney/Emily Adams - B112

With a warm, loving and encouraging atmosphere this is a great place for high school ladies. Come check out this fabulous class for 9th-12th grade girls!

Middle School Guys – Keith Rainwater - B200

We are a class that teaches God's Word and seeks to make life application resulting in life change. We'd love to have your 6th through 8th grade son!

Middle School Girls – Stacy Jackson - B105

This great class for middle school girls provides an opportunity to grow in God’s Word in a fun environment. Come join us!

Children’s Sunday School Classes

4th-5th Grades – Melissa Adams - A243

A very energetic class that focuses on young students learning lessons from the Bible that they can take with them to school and home. God wants us to invest early in our kids to learn about His Word, and we take that very seriously because we love the Lord and love your children. We count it an honor to serve as teachers of God’s Word.

2nd-3rd Grades – Joey Traylor - A238

Our 2nd-3rd grade class discovers what God says in the Bible. From our lessons, students learn to apply God’s Word to their world. Every student learns the Gospel and that God wants us to share it with everyone. We reinforce learning with fun puzzles and quizzes.

1st Grade – Dian Tully - A235

The children are learning the books of the New Testament. We have game time, Bible study time, and snack time each Sunday. Come join us and have fun learning about Jesus and His Word

Kindergarten - Bryan & Audrey Jackson - A145

Our goal is to reinforce foundational Biblical truths while sharing Bible lessons and truths to help children grow in God’s Word. We are learning that God is our heavenly father and that he has provided our families on earth. 

Preschool 4 years - Mary Lathery - A153 

By using specific examples in the form of Bible stories our Sunday School class is dedicated to teaching young children about God’s love and how He cares for us. Our emphasis is on love for and trust in God and His son Jesus, and love and respect for each other. The class involves prayer time, storytime and craft time.

PreSchool 3 years - Luanne Owensby - A155

Come join us as we take studying God’s Word to a whole new level with storytime and crafts.

PreSchool 2 years - Sherry Raburn - A164

We love the opportunity to partner with you as parents teaching these 2-year-olds as they begin their journey at our church!

Nursery (Crawlers/Walkers) – Janet Startup - A158

We are honored to care for your babies and toddlers so you can participate in a weekly Bible study.

Nursery (Bed Babies) - Perdita Denney - A161