Roopville Roadrunners

During this great time of disruption of our everyday lives, there are some opportunities we’d like to share that will make a difference in people’s lives.  We have identified a mission opportunity called Roopville Roadrunners…and doing some running of the roads is exactly what we are going to do! 
We have a number of individuals in our church and community that have the same needs as everyone for basic grocery essentials and medications, yet they should not be exposed to the grocery stores and pharmacies due to age or underlying health conditions.  This is where we as a church family “link arms” to help one another.
Here’s the plan:
First, we need to identify people who could benefit from this service:

  • If you or someone you know is over 60 and/or otherwise immune-compromised, and could benefit from someone picking up groceries and pharmacy items and providing home delivery – please call the church office and we will get you on the list for assistance.
  • Call 770-854-8824 anytime Monday-Thursday from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • The secretaries will ask a series of questions to get things rolling, and then we will see to it the needs are met. (Feel free to email or contact any member of the church staff outside of these office hours as well)

Next, we need to identify people who are willing to serve by being a runner:

  • If you are less than 60, not immune-compromised, have a driver’s license and transportation, and have a flexible schedule – we need you!
  • Respond to this email with your name and number as well as the hours you could help, and we will put you on the team and then instruct you on the ways you can help fulfill these needs.

This is an awesome mission opportunity to assist those in need at a time that the devil would love for us all to sit back in fear.  We are going to defeat this fear by making a difference.  If you know of anyone that is timid or ashamed to ask for help, please do not hesitate to share their name and contact info, and we will be glad to follow up with them.  Also, our Sunday School teachers have been commissioned to stay in touch with their class members to look for any needs that might be missed or just unrequested.  Let’s all be on the lookout for opportunities to serve!