The Faithful, Bold Witness

Series: The Church - The Mission, The Acts

Speaker: Chris Altman

April 5, 2020
Acts 5:12-42'>Acts 5:12-42

Chris Altman

Minister of Students/Media

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The Acts                                The Faithful, Bold Witness                   Acts 5:12-42


MAIN IDEA: A faithful, bold witness brings ___________, _____________ & joy.



3 TRUTHS regarding the Faithful, Bold Witness.

  1. God will _________ the faithful, bold witness (vv.12-16)                              Where do we see the blessings? 



2. Some will ____________ the faithful, bold witness (vv.17-40)

      A few things regarding your potential boldness:

a. It (your boldness) may get you an audience. (vv. 27-32)

b. It might enrage those who oppose. (v.33)

c. It will demand a response from those who oppose. (vv. 34-39)

d. it may even spurn action from the opposers. (v. 40)




3. God will give _____________ & _____ to the faithful, bold witness,                    even in the midst of opposition.  (vv.41-42)



WHAT ABOUT US? (the danger is thinking this type of opposition seems far off)

  1. We must _________ for fellow believers around the world.  (KNOW & PRAY)
  2. We must _____________ the opposition, just as we do the blessings/joy.
  3. We must decide to __________ GOD rather than man.

(What happens when you catch what you’re chasing?

  1. We must _______________ what Persecution looks like for us today.                   (WHAT IS YOUR WHIP?)




Do you believe God will bless and give joy to the faithful, bold witness?

Do you believe this witness will be opposed?

Do you believe God is able and faithful to keep you?

Am I caving in?  Living faithfully? 
Have I given God my yes…leaving the rest up to Him?

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