Our Mission

Live Faithfully
Openheartedly Minister
Victoriously Exalt Christ

Our Methodology

Our Love for God will be demonstrated in our love towards other Christians as we LIVE FAITHFULLY to disciple other believers, which develops spiritual disciplines, deepens their understanding and appreciation for Biblical principles, and teaches how to apply the Scriptures to real life.

We will OPENHEARTEDLY MINISTER and serve by discovering our spiritual gifts and using them to build the body of Christ and minister to spiritual and material needs by giving of self, time, talents, finances, and other resources. As we OPENHEARTEDLY MINISTER, we will fellowship through Bible Study classes, small group fellowship, and church-wide events where we can build meaningful relationships, minister to one another, and become grounded in God's Word.

As a family of God's people, we invest in things that are eternal by VICTORIOUSLY EXALTING CHRIST. We give Him the personal and corporate worship that is due Him so that even those who do not know the Lord will encounter His presence in us, realize their need for Him, and shall be saved.

Further, our love for those without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ shall demonstrate our love for God by EVANGELIZING to our lost world with the Gospel message. This evangelism encompasses sharing a verbal witness concerning Jesus, which builds relationships with those who do not know Jesus. We do this so that an audience for the Gospel is earning; bringing lost people to outreach events, and supporting missions by giving generously, praying faithfully, and being personally involved.